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Why I Became a Vegan

August 1, 2015


As promised, I’ll be discussing why I decided to become Vegan. You may be thinking that I have come to some revelation that the meat industry is corrupt  or I’ve been brainwashed with some propaganda. But it’s quite simple really. Ready? I got bored.

It’s not the sole reason, but it was the final factor. Even if that may be, there have been a lot of perks that come with being vegan and there are things I hope to achieve with this lifestyle.


I was inspired by vegan YouTubers and how their lifestyle encompassed more than just a message. Whether it was to bring light to animal cruelty or that meat and dairy plays a significant factor in the top fatal diseases, you always have a greater picture in mind. To me, that translates into self-awareness. It starts off with being conscious of what you’re putting into your body into..anything and everything basically. You stop mindlessly putting junk into your mouth and you begin to reason why you need and want certain things. Rather than accepting information on a surface level, you crave for a better understanding.


Dietary restriction is a great practice of willpower and self-control. I get an odd power trip from my ability to restrict my diet which is why I decided to challenge myself and go full-time. Being able to discipline myself to continue this lifestyle, I know that I can take on other struggles. I feel like I can survive a post-apocalyptic world living off twinkies (ironic, I know). If you’re willing to omit “luxuries” out of your life, it says something about your character. You can take pleasure elsewhere and you can easily adjust. I understand that food is culture and an art form, which is why veganism isn’t for everyone. But don’t close your mind to the idea because you “can’t live without meat”. I always get this answer immediately after I suggest the lifestyle. Obviously you didn’t bother thinking about anything else other than your carne asada fries. Take a second, think about it.


There is definitely a sense of community in the YouTube realm for vegans. I’ve seen many collaborations between YouTubers and the impact of it shows. You get to meet amazing people, expand your knowledge on veganism and other relative topics, and feel a sense of togetherness. There is this group working towards a bigger picture and everyone wants to help you get there. It’s sappy but it’s true and beautiful. I hope to reach out to other like-minded people someday and share our days and wisdom.

I’d say these three points are what I’m really excited about on this “journey”. It’s always nice to have something to work on. When you feel as if you don’t have much going on your life, turn to a hobby or lifestyle. It may not be your long-term goal but it’s going to help you practice the right mindset to start working at it. With that, I’m not sure how long I plan to be vegan; but if I’m going to do it, I’m going to kick ass at it.