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DIY Tree Branch Chandelier

October 27, 2015

If you don’t know me quite yet, I am in LOVE with nature. Everything: the colors, the breeze, the tranquility, the…nature of nature. I’m one of those people who run off to the woods when I’m feeling overwhelmed with life’s anxieties and stresses. But when I’m far away from the sea or the trees, I want my room to be my sanctuary. A place where I know I’m safe and can let everything go. This tree branch pendant gives me a little bit of that nature I crave.

I’ve seen some tree chandeliers online, but most of them are huge and crazy expensive! $200+! My room is like the size of a panic room so I’m sadly (not really) going to have to pass.

This project is affordable and was so fun to create. Altogether with the ceiling light pendant, this project was $45. Not bad for something this unique! If you’re an introvert or solitary person, you will love this. And then you’re rewarded with a beautiful piece of art! Here is the DIY Tree Pendant Chandelier.


You will need:

  • 1 Vineball (Your choice in size, mine was about 9”)
  • 3 Packs of birchwood branches (Or any branch that is flexible)
  • Twine
  • Thread similiar in color to your branches
  • Optional: Spray paint color of your choice


  1. Optional: If you want your pendant to be a different color such as white or gold, spray paint the vineball and branches first. This way, you can get into every nook and cranny. Let dry for instructed time.
  2. Leave a hole in the vineball that the ceiling light pendant can enter through.
  3. Weaving: You are going to weave the branches onto the vineball. Do this by taking the branches over and under the structures of the vineball.
    1. Weave the the thicker end of the branch in first as it has the least flexibility. If needed, cut off some of the thicker end so it will bend.
    2. Slowly bend the rest of the branch to test its flexibility. If you press it down too fast, it may break.
    3. Try to weave it in well enough that it will stay on its own.
  4. Securing: If the branches are not staying on their own, tie them down with the thread. Because the thread is thin and does not have friction to hold its own while you tie it, it may be difficult to knot it while holding down the branch.
    1. To tie it in an easy manner, tie down the branch with some twine. Twine is thick and can hold its shape with one or two knots and can be easily untied.
    2. Once you have the branch in place with the twine, tie the branch down with the thread. For extra security, wrap the thread around the vineball AND the branch, double knot it, wrap the thread around again, and double knot it again.
    3. Cut of the extra thread with a pair of scissors.
    4. Unwrap the twine while holding down the branch to make sure the branch doesn’t snap up and undo the threading.
    5. Keep doing this all around the ball. Remember, try to set up the branches in different areas and directions. Try your best to cover the ball evenly.
    6. If pieces of branches broke off, don’t worry about it. If it’s long enough to be weaved through, use them to fill in bald spots. And for the branches that are too short, use them for something else! I took mine, wrapped that twine around it and used it as a decor piece for my room. That way, the pendant has something to match in my room.IMG_3916 IMG_3913
  5. Quality Assurance: Inspect the pendant for loose branches. Make sure everything is secure. You don’t want pieces of wood falling on people!
  6. Insert your tree branch pendant and be amazed!

I could make my room feel as cozy and rustic as I wanted to without this pendant, but it brings my whole room together. It’s the center of my room, so it defines everything around it. It’s a rustic, subtle piece that your room is missing.

If you guys decide to make this, I would love to see it! Hashtag #hairtieneeded on Twitter and Instagram!


Here’s a tutorial video if you want to see it in action: