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September 4, 2015

I think we can all agree that once September rolls by, whether or not the Northern Hemisphere is still in it’s Summer stage, it’s time to prepare for Autumn.

Autumn is my FAVORITE season, so much that I must emphasize it. There are so many natural, breathtaking occurrences that set a mood in which you feel the obligation to readjust to feel “in season”. That means, clothes, make-up, home décor, movies, and even lattes. I guess you can justify that each season has this effect but this is my season so DON’T RUIN IT FOR ME.

Anyway, I thought I’d do a season’s favorites series because I want to share what I’m looking forward to in the months to come. What I think is trending and what really sets the mood for me. Hopefully we share the same taste J.

For this post, I’m tackling fashion. These are some pieces I came across online that I would love to have in my closet for the Fall.


2599710800_2_3_1 Screenshot 2015-09-02 21.49.412398228717_2_3_1

I’ve really been into skirts lately. I love me some sophisticated, tomboy skirts. I love these skirts because they’re edgy and easily dress up your outfit. The first two are definitely statement pieces. I like the one to the most right because it looks retro. I’m seeing a lot of 70’s fashion coming back this Fall and it has me excited. This means a lot of copper, denim, and suede. I would pair these with a simple long sleeve or crop top.



7214001040_1_1_1Screenshot 2015-09-03 01.28.505119001040_1_1_1

Left: These lace heels would pair nicely with some shorts or rolled up jeans.

Middle: I’ve always been in love with these boots. I also love having a roof over my head so these boots have been on the back burner. I’ve seen other cute knee-high boots but they just don’t compare to these. Who doesn’t love a knee-high boot? I see this being paired with some high waisted shorts with a tunic. Or if you’re looking for something edgy, pair it with a leather jacket.

Right: These boots have a sock like fit at the top – something you don’t see often.



Shot_12-1173_1024x1024 Screenshot 2015-09-03 18.50.49

Left: For Love & Lemons are the Queens of Lace. This crop top is a nice day to night piece.

Middle: I love this Reforming top. I can never shy away from a daring look. This top with a choker and leather jacket? Ohohoho.

Right: Here’s the 70’s look again. This denim crop top gives your outfit a sophisticated, playful touch.


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