DIY Geometric Cookie Cutter Board

December 5, 2017

As a cookie business owner, cookie cutters are my babies. They usually sit in my drawers but they should have a special place where they’re the star of the show! And just moving into my new apartment, I needed ideas to fill my wall space that had some utility as well.

It doesn’t hold all of my cookie cutters, but it’s great for my most frequently used ones. If you’re not a crazy cookie lady like me, you can use this design for basically hanging anything. It can be great for tools and regular kitchen utensils.

Level: Intermediate

Supplies you’ll need:

Particle board

White spray paint


Acrylic paint

Painter’s tape


Measuring tape


Power drill

Wood glue

Dowel pins


Framing kit


  1. When buying your board, it might not come in the size you want. I bought a standard particle board from Lowe’s and had them cut it down to 24″x30″. It’ll be a lot easier for them to cut it down than do it yourself.
  2. Spray paint your board white first. If your board is naturally tan, it will take a few coats to cover the board. Spray painting it white will make the colors vibrant and will save you time from doing multiple coats.
  3. Lightly pencil triangles with a ruler. Make sure to alter the angles of the triangles so you don’t end up with something too symmetrical. I did mine blindly without a template. If it’s easier for you, you can plan it ahead of time and try to replicate it. But really, you can’t go too wrong here.
  4. Once you’ve chosen a variety of colors you want to paint it, lightly sketch in what colors will go on which triangles. This way, you won’t run into coloring touching triangles the same color.
  5. One color at a time, line the triangles with painter’s tape for perfect edges and press down. Don’t be alarmed if at first when you peel off the tape, the paint bleeds through. The board might not be completely smooth, but when you’re painting against the edge of another painted edge, it’ll be straight. Let it dry and repeat. 
  6. Now for the fun part. And when I say fun, I mean this took me forever to figure out and I hate it. Using a few of my cookie cutters, I spaced them out on the board to see how many would fit in each column and row. I came up with 7×7. Using your pencil, you’re going to make dots to indicate where you will drill your holes. I staredt a half inch down from the top. To create my first row, I marked my first dot at about 1.7 inches from the vertical edge. From there, the dots were spaced out by 3.4 inches. To create the columns, I spaced out the dots by 4.2 inches. The last row ended up having more height, which worked out great for my bigger/longer cookie cutters. Erase any unnecessary marks.
  7. Using a 1/3 drill bit (or a drill bit that closely resemble the width of your dowel pins), drill holes into your dots. Clean off any dust.
  8. Flip your board to the back side and install framing wire following the instructions of your kit. Flip it over to the front side.
  9. With some wood glue in a disposable cup or bowl, dip your dowels into the glue and wipe excess off. Push them into the holes you drilled. If they do not fit all the way in, use a hammer to secure them. Let dry.
  10. Hang into your wall and put those cookie cutters on!

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