DIY Swinging Clothing Rack

February 27, 2018

If you’re like me, you tend to buy less clothes and spend more on clothes that are too extra to always see the light of day. OR you have empty space in your tiny room and you want it to feel special. Also me.

Whatever the reason, this is one of my favorite DIYs. It’s a fashionista’s dream corner to showcase the best she has. Because some statements pieces of mine don’t always get worn, I thought I’d make them statement pieces to my whole room. It’s also great for getting inspiration for the seasons or an upcoming trip.

This DIY is power tool heavy, so get your safety goggles on.

Level: Intermediate

Supplies you’ll need:

Birch branch (at most 2.25″ thick)

Half a yard of fabric

Acyrlic paint

Hooks or swag hooks

Power drill

1/8″ drill bit

Plastic bag


Measuring tape


Hand or circular saw



  1. When buying your branch, make sure that the width is no bigger the the width of your clothes hangers. You can be safe and get really thin branches, but it won’t look as great.
  2. With your branch, mock where it will hang to get an idea of how long the rope will be. The branch I bought was a little too long for how I wanted it positioned, so I used a saw to cut it down to size. Make sure you sand down the edge if you do so.
  3. Take your paint of choice and paint the ends. I did mine white to match the fabric. The paint makes the overall DIY look in unison and that you put some thought into it. Let dry.
  4. In order to connect the rope to the branch you’ll need to drill holes. Use a marker to dot where you’ll be drilling a hole on each end. Make sure both are pointing the same way. About 2″ from the end to ensure the branch doesn’t split when drilling. Drill the holes all the way through. Remove any loose bark or wood.
  5. Measure the distance between the holes and use a marker to dot the ceiling where the hooks will go. Insert hooks. Tip: To prevent drywall and dust from flying everywhere while you’re drilling, take a plastic bag and poke the drill through the center bottom of the bag. Adjust the bag so it can catch any fallout while you’re drilling. Less of a clean up!
  6. With your fabric, cut six 1″ strips the long way to ensure it’ll be able to reach down to your desired height. Take three at a time and knot one end. Braid all the way down, leaving about 2″ unbraided. Tip: after 1-2 motions of braiding, shake out the rest of the fabric so it doesn’t tangle since it’s so long.
  7. Take one rope and slip it into one of the holes you created in the branch and knot it at the end. With the other end of the rope, hook it onto the hook. Hold the branch vertical to test if it’s the desired height. If it’s too long, create a new knot under the branch and cut off the extra fabric, still leaving about 1.5″ of rope.
  8. Hook the second rope to the hook, insert the other end into the branch hole, and move it up until the rope lengths are even and the branch is completely vertical.
  9. Hang your clothes! I purchased some nice gold hangers from Amazon.


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