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Holiday Detoxing Juices | The Green Juice

December 1, 2015


A subtle and sweet green juice you ACTUALLY can drink! This detoxing juice is for sure going to be my new go to.

Ingredients (Serves 2-3):

  • 1 LARGE cucumber
  • 4 Granny smith apples
  • Small bunch of parsley
  • About 5 cups of kale


  1. Juice (or blend) it altogether!
  2. Enjoy!

Holiday Detoxing Juices | Grapefruit Sunrise

Who knew how much vegan butter you could consume… Well now that I have devoured most of my leftovers and am feeling mighty guilty, it’s time to try and detox what I can. I am not fully detoxing – as in I am not…

December 1, 2015

12 Vegan Thanksgiving Ideas

Photo from Country Living It’s the second major holiday of the holiday season and it’s time to talk about the Thanksgiving dinner spread. WOO. It’s a festive and stressful time filled with gluttonous sides and a sleepy turkey. Well, if you switch to a…

November 22, 2015
Food Life

Pro’s and Con’s to Being Vegan

In the 4 months of being vegan, I have learned and felt A LOT. I can’t say that it came to me as a surprise because I knew change was a-brewin’! I came into this lifestyle with some expectations and so far, it’s been…

November 5, 2015

Berry Breakfast Bowl | Vegan

This would not have been made possible if it weren’t for the greatest cameraman ever known, YURI STEPHEN GROSSMAN. Now that that’s out of the way, here’s my Berry Breakfast Bowl! I eat this for breakfast all.the.time. It’s my go-to since it requires such…

September 10, 2015

My Trip to Portland

Portland is a town that is near and dear to meΒ because of the way I discovered and come to know it. It’s really a place of it’s own and there’s no other like it (Seattle, you’re close). It’s a quaint, preserved town where locals…

August 13, 2015
Food Life

Why I Became a Vegan

As promised, I’ll be discussing why I decided to become Vegan. You may be thinking that I have come to some revelation that the meat industry is corrupt Β or I’ve been brainwashed with some propaganda. But it’s quite simple really. Ready? I got bored.…

August 1, 2015

Vegan Energy Bites

  Alright, first food blog is up! These are my vegan energy bites. They’re similar to the Larabar, but they don’t taste stale..and gross. They are sure to give you the energy boost you need. The main ingredient is dates which is packed with…

July 24, 2015