I’m a city girl, an over thinker, adventure seeker, and creator of sorts based in Los Angeles.

My least favorite thing in the world is being put in a box. There are too many places to be and ways to think to stay in the comfort zone and be closed-minded. I want to live in a way that reminds me to be open and vulnerable so I can share my findings with others in hopes that it will inspire them to live a richer life.

I’m no spiritual guru, but I do put a lot of emphasis on consciousness and being in tune with myself so I can be happier, patient, and empathetic. It’s crucial for me – and quite frankly, everyone – in a fast-pace, free-for-all, all-for-one world. If I can bring light to others so they can feel the same, I can say that I tried.

I love traveling and gaining new experiences, so you will find guides and useful information for your travels here. But a part of traveling – for me at least – is not all about where you go and what is in front of you, it’s how you see it and interpret it in a way that gives the place and yourself purpose.

We live in an age of sharing. As this progresses, we can choose to make it a community of fellow beings trying to fulfill their lives or create a hostile environment. So don’t be a dick. Enjoy 🙂

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