3 DIY Thanksgiving Decor Projects

November 25, 2015


My “thankful” Banner:

This was a fun little project to put together and the results are amazing. How cute is this?! Because I already had the twine and mini clothespins on hand, this DIY only cost $3 dollars to make! If that’s not a steal, I don’t know what it.


  • Cardstock (colors of your choice, I bought mine from Michaels)
  • Twine
  • Mini clothespins
  • Glue or tape


  1. Draw out the design of your banner so you can look back at it when you are matching letters with flags (if you are using multiple colors as I did.
  2. Cut cardstock into flag shape. Use a piece of paper to create a stencil. Trace a 4×5. On the long-way, draw a line at the center (at 2”). At the bottom, make a mark a half inch up from the bottom. Then connect that mark with each bottom corner. Cut it out.
  3. Print your letters to create stencils. I used Aerial Black in a 350 font size.  Cut it out.
  4. Trace your flags and letters, and cut them out.
  5. Assemble them together with your adhesive
  6. Connect your flags to the twine with the mini clothespins
    1. Tip: Don’t cut the twine prematurely. Clip all of the flags on to see how much twine you will need
  7. Tape it up and enjoy!

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